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Ail Set Stream Volume@8 Download Vice City cherjand




set stream volume@8, vice city: In mplayer, set stream volume=-6 to mute the mplayer output. Set stream volume=6 to restore the previous level. Also see to know how to fix your TV resolution or other MPlayer issues set stream volume=0 sacarlson: i have changed the acpi_osi to "Windows 2008" sarixe: ok so now that didn't change anything I'm out of ideas, maybe someone else has some ideas setstream volume=0 will mute mplayer; setstream volume=-6 will undo sarixe: maybe next release they will fix it. I'll look up some more info and see if I can find anything sarixe: maybe I have to roll back to 11.04 oh wait, i see that this is related to the intel gpu drivers maybe it's related to that? sarixe: ya maybe it's related to intel video drivers, there is also a intel-linux-graphics-installer from intel I think it's a way to get custom settings for the gpu driver sarixe: yes I've tried that and it seems to make some changes that I don't like sacarlson: what changes did you not like? sarixe: well I guess I must say it did move my mouse pointer from a single point in an area to the top left corner of my screen but it didn't fix the problem sarixe: also I didn't change the sound to over the network or the usb headset. or even the auto settings for my volume oh, well i don't know what those settings are, but i will change my volume to USB headset and see if it makes a difference sarixe: I see your point, I don't even know what those settings were so I'll just stick with what ubuntu defaulted sacarlson, that's a new problem




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Ail Set Stream Volume@8 Download Vice City cherjand

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