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Q- Will the owner need to be on board?

A- No Wright Marine provide a fully qualified and vetted team to ensure the smooth and safe delivery of your vessel - owners are welcome however.  Our delivery crew work continuously night and day to ensure your vessel arrives within agreed timescales. 

Q- How much does a delivery cost?

A- Upon receipt of your request a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your precise needs; we will then draw up a delivery quote which will provide a comprehensive breakdown of all elements. 

Q- Do I need to prepare the boat in advance? 

A- Upon booking our team can discuss the readiness of your vessel and agree what is required to undertake the delivery. 

Q-  Can you deliver power vessels as well as sail? 

A- Our team of delivery skippers are well versed in delivering all manner of vessels from classical sail through to motor cruisers. 

Q- What are the payment terms ?

A- Upon confirmation of a delivery, once you return the contract we will ask for 10%  of the estimated fee; a further 70% is required 30 days prior to the delivery date, with the remainder -  plus any outstanding fees -  due upon completion. 

Q- How can I keep track of my vessel

A- We utilise the latest satellite trackers, these allow you to follow your vessel in real time anywhere in the world. The trackers work via a web browser so you can follow your delivery on any smart device.  

Q- What type and size of vessels do you work on?

A- Our experienced skippers are all commercially endorsed yachtmasters as a minimum. This allows them to work commercially on vessels up to 24 meters loa. Our skippers are all highly experienced in their respective disciplines either sail or power. Having experience of a large manner of vessels.  

Q- I've heard there is alot of paperwork with cross channel deliveries can you assist?

A- Our experienced delivery skippers and back of house team are able to assist and advise on the latest requirements for bringing pleasure vessels back into the UK


Office : 0208 087 2081

Mobile : 07858211825



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