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Yacht Delivery in COVID Times

Updated: May 18, 2022

Challenges Faced By Delivery Crew

Every yacht delivery has its individual challenges whether they be the vessel, weather or other external factors such as legislative changes or the COVID19 global pandemic. These are some of the many reasons why all Wright Marine yacht delivery crew are chosen for their particular expertise not only as mariners but also as problem solvers.

The COVID19 pandemic has affected every area of life, in particular people’s free movement and logistical supply chains in all manners of business. This is also true for yacht delivery, As professional mariners skippers and crew are awarded travel exemptions however individual countries can still state their own particular conditions upon which these exemptions are based.

On a recent delivery despite having all the proper paperwork and exemptions in place, the Wright Marine crew still faced challenges upon arrival. However, by working with all involved these challenges like so many faced when yachting where easily overcome allowing the vessel to be delivered to budget on time. The vessel a which was in a very good condition was a Beneteau Antares 13.8 motor cruiser on the Isle of Jersey.

One particular condition that the Jersey authorities imposed was that the vessel had to be on an isolation pontoon which had no power or water and once the crew was on board they were to remain on the vessel. As such massive thank you needs to go out Jason Baker and the team at South Pier Marine(www.southpier on the Isle of Jersey, for their kind assistance in providing provisions and a tender for the Wright Marine Team.

If you’re interested in having your vessel delivered speak to a member of a team today for a no obligation quote.

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